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Neck Pain is our Job - Back Pain is our Business

Chronic sore neck pain can be resolved. Chronic sore back pain can be resolved.

Hair tissue Mineral Analysis

$250.00 -includes consult with Naturopath


$95.00 - maybe integrated into Naturopathic consult


Missed or forgotten appointments, or cancellation with only 2 hours notice, will be charged at the rate of one block of dark antioxidant rich chocolate.

Relieve yourself of pain!

The potential earning capacity over a lifetime is over $2,400,000.

Simply by maintaining good health this figure can be doubled. This is just a conservative estimate. You are worth it.

Your first appointment will be with Geoff Pitt, your primary holistic health care practitioner. Geoff's years of experience will help you select the best therapy for your sore body, and help you get the outcomes you sorely deserve.


The information on this site is not medical advice and should not be relied upon by any particular individual or for any specific purpose. Any medical questions should be referred to your health care professional. If in doubt, please seek medical advice.

For the purposes of diagnosis and treatment, information presented on this website should not be considered complete, nor take the place of a consultation with a Registered Medical Practitioner.

Email CLICK HERE to email: Pain Relief Clinic.

At the Pain Relief Clinic the goal is unlocking all pain issues, especially your back and neck pain.

All body pain issues can be addressed. If resolving pain, and addressing loss of function to joints and muscles is your goal. And you know your body likes to store stress in the upper back area, then addressing upper back issues is your key to health and life style success.

Geoff Pitt says to allow your body approximately one month of therapy, for every year you have suffered.

Geoff Pitt specialises in natural, drug free, alternative therapy treatments that will help resolve sore neck pain, and sore back pain issues. This has a flow on effect for the rest of the body.

Geoff Pitt specialises in working on sore necks and sore shoulders

Lower back pain issues can be a thing of the past.

A sore upper back pain can be helped.

Geoff Pitt often begin with old fashioned techniques of massage stretching sore muscles prior to treatment. He uses cutting edge proven Scenar treatments for chronic neck pain discomfort.

Scenar and Enar are known to have a positive results on sore neck pain and sore backs. Scenar is tomorrow technology for today's chronic pain symptoms.

Can you imagine your sore back being pain free?

when your Back spasms, and back cramp, are a thing of the past!

Where you no longer have to visit the Osteopath or Chiropractor on a regular basis.
You accept that overseas job offer. And you only have to visit Geoff Pitt, for a tune up, when you come back to New Zealand to visit your mother.

Health is a programme of change

Your programme of bringing healthy joint function...

...to your sore back and body, will naturally bring with it a change in emotional health. Hence an important part of your progress, involves personal coaching.
A programme of stepping up to untapped potential.

Do your need relief from pain?
Does your body need cleansing, and detoxifying?

Do you need support to sort out a few health issues, and get your goals back on tract?
Sometimes your life style can be a interesting source of stress, stored up in your muscle tissues.
Is your connective tissue stress, due to physical mechanical issues, causing a sore pain in the neck?

Do your sore muscles lacks flexibility, due to acidity issues?
Is your sports performance, everything you desire?
Do not let an sore old sports injury, stand in your way.

Always perform at your physical best.

Physical mechanical issues can lead to emotional depression.
Take away the cause, symptoms will alter, stress levels will change.

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